The Qualities of Quartz

What is quartz?

Quartz is a hard natural crystalline mineral although a quartz worktop is in fact man-made. To engineer a work surface from this material, natural quartz particles are combined with high-quality polymer resins and binders through a high-tech compression and heating process. The result is a dimensionally consistent stone surface that is as strong and durable as granite.

Why choose quartz?

Quartz stone surfaces are engineered to be extremely hard and as such are exceptionally durable and tough. Quartz worktops are virtually impossible to scratch and their non-porous surfaces provide excellent stain resistance making them ideal for areas prone to spillages. In turn these worktops are easy to maintain and clean, possibly even the most hygienic option on the market. And these surfaces have been engineered not just with practical benefits in mind. Aesthetically the quality and appearance of a quartz worktop is outstanding. They come in a wide range of colours, from natural stone to the bright and bold, and many of the colour options are available in plain block colour, pebble flecked or with reflective mirrored fragments.

Needless to say the applications for this type of surface are endless, from worktops and vanity tops to tiling walls and floors. It is a wonderfully versatile product bridging the gap between nature and technology. It is the 21st century choice for today’s designers, residential developers and homeowners alike.

Granite or quartz?

Both granite and quartz are extremely strong, durable and hard-wearing although engineered quartz worktops have some practical advantages over their natural counterpart. Quartz is less porous so virtually stain-proof and almost impossible to scratch. Granite, whilst still ranking high in the strength stakes, can be susceptible to red wine stains as well as bleaching caused by citrus acidity from the likes of cut lemons. Granite can also be prone to scratching from diamond rings so watch out for unwanted scuffs when wiping down your worktop in your sparkly solitaire. Quartz worktops also offer a wide range of engineered colours including pure white, creams, browns, blues and even red. That said, granite is far from limited when it comes to choice of colour and there is nothing quite like the pattern and depth of this natural stone.

It’s all a mater of personal preference and both granite and quartz will complete your kitchen in designer style. Have a browse through our standard and most popular colour options. We will also do our absolute best to source any alternative product so please get in touch with bespoke requests.