The Facts about Granite

How is granite made?

Your new granite worktops were not manufactured overnight. They have been in the making for millions of years. Granite is a natural igneous rock formed from solidified volcanic magma. As the liquid rock cooled precious minerals became trapped within its layers to create a myriad of colours and patterns. Quarried from all over the world, the crystal formations within the granite rock indicate the region and geological conditions that created it. After years in the making, the end result is not only naturally stunning but also a structurally solid stone that has a well-earned reputation for both its beauty and strength.

Where is granite made? 

Granite deposits can be found in almost every country all over the world although India, China and Brazil account for the majority of extraction and granite export. Once the mine is excavated and the granite exposed, the rock is drilled, rough blocks are cut and then hoisted to the surface. These blocks are shipped to a processing factory to be diamond cut into sheet form around 20-30mm thick and polished to a high gloss finish. Inevitably, with a natural stone, there are slabs with imperfections and the grade of granite for every piece is carefully determined and priced accordingly.

Here at GG we use only premium grade granite with minimal or no industry-rated imperfections. By completely cutting out the cost of commercial retail premises and by eliminating the middleman when sourcing our stone, we can pass on significant savings directly to you without compromising on quality.

Why is granite ‘made’ for your kitchen?

The dense nature of granite makes it exceptionally durable and hard-wearing with excellent stain and heat resistance. It is also extremely hygienic and easy to maintain. The sterile, cool and constant temperature of this stone makes it perfect for pastry rolling and its versatility makes granite the popular choice of worktop with homeowners and chefs alike. It is the ideal combination of practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Having sat for several million years waiting to be quarried, then precision cut and polished to a sheen, our granite is now waiting to be fitted in your home to be enjoyed for many more years to come – with all of its benefits and in all of its natural beauty.